Government Debt Relief Grants

Government Debt Relief

There is a lot of mistaken information going around these days about government debt relief grants. Some people believe that the government will pay to get individuals out of debt. Unfortunately that is not true. However, there may be other ways that the government can help you financially.


The federal government will not give you money just because you are in debt, but it may be that you will qualify for a financial grant for other purposes. That would help you out financially.

There are 26 different government grant making agencies. Many of these are set up to make grants for community projects, for example in the arts or community development. Others are research grants, for hospitals or doctors carrying out research into health and disease. However, some grants are available to individuals.

You have to be in certain situations to qualify for these grants. For example, there is disaster prevention and relief which helps people who have lived through disasters such as hurricanes or fires. Other grants may be available for housing or for developing your small business if you have one. You can see the grants available at


There is also a government loans program. While this will not get you out of debt, if you qualify you could get a loan at a much better rate of interest than you would pay with most credit cards or commercial loan companies. Again these are usually for specific purposes such as business, housing and education (student loans).

Some of the government loans are administered through banks. So if you are asking your bank about a loan, it is always worth enquiring whether they have any government loans that you might be entitled to. You can find information about these loans at

Debt Relief Agencies

There are many debt relief agencies that are nothing to do with the federal or state government but may have a name that makes you think they are a government agency. Be cautious in dealing with any of these. Some of them are reputable agencies but others may be trying to deceive you.

You can be fairly sure that if a website ends in .gov, it is a government website. If it ends in .com or anything else, it is probably not. If you are in doubt, check the terms of the website or ask them.

If an agency charges you a fee for finding you a grant or helping you get out of debt, it is a sign that you are probably just dealing with a commercial debt counselor or debt relief agency. They may be able to help you reduce your debts but they will charge you something for their time. You have to decide if this is likely to save you money overall.

Sometimes a company may advertise that they have ‘government debt relief’ available. What they will usually offer you is advice on declaring bankruptcy. This process may be regulated by the federal government but it is not a grant. For most people there are better ways of getting out of debt than bankruptcy.

Even if it comes as bad news, it is better to know the truth about the options that are available to you. There is really not such a thing as government debt relief grants.

Gambling Debt

What To Do About Gambling Debt

Gambling debt is like every other debt, with one large distinction. That is, that there’s a large temptation to take a look at to get out of debt the use of the similar means that were given you in there within the first position, this is, playing.

Take an individual who runs up retailer card money owed purchasing garments and furnishings. It is plain that their first step in getting out of debt is to forestall doing that. There is not any manner that purchasing extra garments and furnishings goes to unravel their debt drawback.

But a gambler sees issues otherwise. An individual who has misplaced some huge cash on horses or in casinos may be very prone to assume that they are able to get their a refund by means of playing extra. They imagine within the large win. They imagine they are going to hit the jackpot.

A small time gambler who buys a few lotto tickets each and every week is the most obvious instance. Now after which they’ve a bit of win, however over the years, they’re regularly shedding cash. They know this. But they imagine within the dream.

It could also be in part mental. People don’t love to really feel silly, or that anyone has made a idiot of them, or that they have got wasted their cash. The most effective manner that they are able to justify all that cash that has been poured down the drain that’s the on line casino and the lottery is to move on believing that if they preserve playing, someday they are going to have the large win that can have made all of it profitable.

Some individuals who gamble even do it as a result of they wish to purchase that dream. ‘If you are no longer in, you’ll be able to’t win’ – and with no price ticket, you’ll be able to’t dream your manner from your mundane life.

But everyone knows in our hearts that it does not make sense. Almost all small time gamblers lose cash; virtually all large time gamblers are crippled and damaged by means of debt. The most effective winners are the casinos and the wager takers … and an overly small choice of rapid millionaire jackpot winners who’re utilized by the established order to stay the dream alive for everyone else.

So the very first thing to do in getting out of playing money owed is to surrender the dream. Accept that you’re not going to take advantage of playing. Understand that despite the fact that you probably did win one thing subsequent time, you could at all times lose it in an try to win extra. As lengthy as you imagine that you’ll be able to take advantage of playing, you’ll by no means prevent.

Read books at the statistics of playing, if that is helping. Analyze on line casino video games to needless to say no person can beat the on line casino in the longer term. Ask your self what number of lotto winners are happier after their win. You will in finding that the majority of them are depressing – affected by melancholy, divorce, medicine or drink, not able to control their surprising riches, quickly poorer than ever and with their self worth long past too.

Then, prevent playing in all paperwork. This might imply asking to have your self banned and canceling your accounts. It additionally manner no longer having a bet with your folks at the result of the fit on the weekend and no longer purchasing some other lottery price ticket.

If you’ll be able to do this, it is possible for you to to get out of debt. You won’t ever do it should you cross on playing. Stop considering that yet another wager will clear up your entire issues – it’ll no longer. There is just one manner out of playing debt, and it’s not the way in which you got here in.