Can Most Churches Improve Visitor Retention via the use of Text Messaging?

Most of persons are the use of mobile phones in particular smartphones so to keep in touch with every different. SMS texting is solely one of the options equipped via mobile phones that permit us to ship a message to our friends and family. Whether you recognize it or no longer, you open textual content messages 90% of the time. From a communique perspective, speaking to 1000’s of folks (or a fragment of that) would possibly appear inconceivable, however it is not.

Mobile advertising and marketing methods like SMS textual content message advertising and marketing will support your church’s emblem and presence on an area scale. Imagine if in case you have 100,000 doable company status round, sending them a textual content message about your products and services and different incentives will unquestionably get them hooked.

But what are the true advantages of the use of SMS textual content advertising and marketing? will let you with a plan to make use of SMS texting to your communication plan.

1.) One message to many– With a slightly of a button, you’ll ship one message to masses and 1000’s of attenders. Unlike electronic mail advertising and marketing, texts are learn inside of four mins after receipt, so it is a make it possible for your first time attender will learn your textual content whether or not they’re at the highway, caught in visitors, or having a drink in an area eating place.

2.) Response charges are higher– Because messages are opened inside of four mins after won, the reaction charges of your attenders are greater as in comparison to emails. This lets you act straight away at the individuals who opted-in thru your message. These persons are able to shop for or able to develop into your customer.

three.) Easy to utilize– Text Message advertising and marketing is simple and more cost effective than another type of advertising and marketing . Churches that use SMS message advertising and marketing have the capability to stay monitor of consumer reaction and make corrections when essential. Despite the developments made in cellular programs, SMS remains to be probably the most efficient manner of selling.

four.)SMS advertising and marketing is helping center of attention goal visitors– Along with greater reaction charges, church buildings have the risk to slim down who their goal are simply by the individuals who opted in. The responses can be used to collect details about what do you doubtlessly need out of your church, which can will let you create a greater and extra focused message .

Mobile advertising and marketing, general, is arguably probably the most environment friendly and maximum dependable advertising and marketing methods that any church can use. , with billions of folks the use of their sensible telephones, it is beautiful exhausting to forget about that more or less doable goldmine for leads, possibilities, and visitors.

If you’re like maximum church buildings, you spend 1000’s attempting to draw first time attenders. Unfortunately maximum church buildings are nonetheless the use of the similar strategies they used a decade in the past. Some are nonetheless spending a fortune on Phonebook Ads or Newspaper Advertising. Isn’t it time to replace your prospecting and advertising and marketing to make use of the newest era? Click right here or you can call 888-354-2791 to learn the way to make use of Text messaging to support visitor retention and communique at your church.

Government Debt Relief Grants

Government Debt Relief

There is a lot of mistaken information going around these days about government debt relief grants. Some people believe that the government will pay to get individuals out of debt. Unfortunately that is not true. However, there may be other ways that the government can help you financially.


The federal government will not give you money just because you are in debt, but it may be that you will qualify for a financial grant for other purposes. That would help you out financially.

There are 26 different government grant making agencies. Many of these are set up to make grants for community projects, for example in the arts or community development. Others are research grants, for hospitals or doctors carrying out research into health and disease. However, some grants are available to individuals.

You have to be in certain situations to qualify for these grants. For example, there is disaster prevention and relief which helps people who have lived through disasters such as hurricanes or fires. Other grants may be available for housing or for developing your small business if you have one. You can see the grants available at


There is also a government loans program. While this will not get you out of debt, if you qualify you could get a loan at a much better rate of interest than you would pay with most credit cards or commercial loan companies. Again these are usually for specific purposes such as business, housing and education (student loans).

Some of the government loans are administered through banks. So if you are asking your bank about a loan, it is always worth enquiring whether they have any government loans that you might be entitled to. You can find information about these loans at

Debt Relief Agencies

There are many debt relief agencies that are nothing to do with the federal or state government but may have a name that makes you think they are a government agency. Be cautious in dealing with any of these. Some of them are reputable agencies but others may be trying to deceive you.

You can be fairly sure that if a website ends in .gov, it is a government website. If it ends in .com or anything else, it is probably not. If you are in doubt, check the terms of the website or ask them.

If an agency charges you a fee for finding you a grant or helping you get out of debt, it is a sign that you are probably just dealing with a commercial debt counselor or debt relief agency. They may be able to help you reduce your debts but they will charge you something for their time. You have to decide if this is likely to save you money overall.

Sometimes a company may advertise that they have ‘government debt relief’ available. What they will usually offer you is advice on declaring bankruptcy. This process may be regulated by the federal government but it is not a grant. For most people there are better ways of getting out of debt than bankruptcy.

Even if it comes as bad news, it is better to know the truth about the options that are available to you. There is really not such a thing as government debt relief grants.